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Why the kitchen is the most important room

At Blackpool Kitchens and Bedrooms, we believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. It’s the heart of any home, and a magnet for social gathering. Kitchens are the perfect space for living, socialising, eating, drinking, and even relaxing… all of the best bits in life!  Did you know the average person spends 2.5 hours every day in their kitchen/dining room? That works out as roughly 12% of our lives is spent in the kitchen, meaning that it plays a much bigger role in our lives than you might expect. The space not only provides us with the necessary appliances for everyday tasks, but also contributes to family life. In this blog, we are going to focus on the many reasons why your kitchen/dining space should be cherished. 

The kitchen should enhance your lifestyle… not determine it!

Your kitchen is an extension of yourself, your interests, and your lifestyle. Whether you are a parent on the go, an aspiring chef, or a worker bee your kitchen should facilitate your needs. Having a functional and modern kitchen is truly a blessing. It helps turn meal preparation into a pleasurable activity amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Your kitchen should be your creation, at the end of the day you will be the one using it! Kitchens are ever evolving spaces and it is important to choose a design that will remain flexible for the needs of you and your family. By enjoying the design of your kitchen, and having it work well with the layout of your space it can help you to live your life the way that you want to. 

The kitchen is no longer just a space for cooking and cleaning

  Every home has a kitchen, and it once had a distinct purpose… cooking and cleaning. However, the modern kitchen is much more than just that. The kitchen is now the epitome of family bonding. It not only ties the home together, but it ties your loved ones together too. The kitchen acts as a meeting place and really is the centre of the house. It is a communal space where food and conversation are shared, providing the idyllic space to catch up with family and friends. It is a space for family activities, giving everyone the chance to get a little messy, learn new recipes and have a little fun. For many, the kitchen is the new living room. Kitchens are now often designed with living spaces in mind, to better accommodate family and friends and to equip the space for entertaining. Often in a home there are private rooms or rooms which a particular family member uses more than others. Maybe the kids love the playroom or dad loves the gym. The kitchen on the other hand, is a collective space that every family member uses every day. Because of this shift in kitchen dynamics, it is important your kitchen space is designed to be welcoming and conducive for family members and friends to gather.

Enjoying your kitchen’s design can enhance your overall health.

Having a well-designed kitchen affects your family’s health and happiness. In terms of styling, it is important that an individual enjoys their kitchen. The more satisfied an individual is with the design of a space, the more time that they will spend in that space. When a space is aesthetically pleasing to us it encourages the feeling of connectedness and in turn increases levels of happiness. Spending more time in your kitchen as a whole can improve your own personal wellbeing and your family’s health and happiness. The kitchen is also a place of learning for children, this is where the child learns manners and social skills. These life skills are carried with an individual as they move into adulthood. 

A kitchen fuels bodies, minds, and souls. 

Without food we would starve, but without family and friends we would be starved of connection. The kitchen is not only a space for feeding the body, the communal nature of the room also feeds the soul. The kitchen is the centre of day-to-day living. Many people begin their day with a cup of coffee in the kitchen and finish the day with a cup of tea or a bedtime snack. You deserve to start every day in an environment that you love. A kitchen should be inspiring… an inspiring space can mean the difference between an average and a great day. A kitchen should radiate positivity, making those in the room feel safe, secure, calm, and happy. This can be achieved through many design features such as fresh air, sunlight, and bright colours. 

A well-designed kitchen can increase the overall value of your home. 

The kitchen can set the tone for the entire house, particularly when it comes to house viewings. A house’s resale value also greatly depends on the kitchen, with a remodelled kitchen adding up to 10% to the value of the house. There are many reasons people decide to renovate their kitchens, in terms of functionality the kitchen needs to be usable, it needs to be up to date with modern technology and it needs to be in line with the individual’s current taste. The size of the kitchen is usually very important, but with clever design even the smallest of spaces can work… it is all about maximising your space’s potential. No home is complete without a kitchen!

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